Robin Dienel is a web designer and digital marketer with a background in illustration and writing.

As a kid in the coastal suburbs of Boston, she developed a passion for drawing and design. After a short stint in New Jersey for college, she found her way to Washington, D.C. where she obtained her Masters in Interactive Journalism from American University. It wasn’t long before she saw the need for sleeker platforms clients could navigate and efficiently update themselves. District Design Co. was born in 2015 to help brands and entrepreneurs alike establish a competitive edge in the growing digital media landscape.

She is a lover of bourbon and rye and most days of the week rocks a Canadian Tuxedo. Her design sensibility is informed by her New England roots—a little bit vintage with a modern flair. On weekends she can be found cooking for friends in the kitchen or out on the trail with her husband-to-be and three (!!!) fluffy dogs.

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